What is Polyup?

Polyup is a 3D, interactive platform for students to
experiment with numbers, algorithms, and robotics.
Students play, build, and share activities called
Poly Machines in a 3D playground.

Major international math education institutions, including Stanford,
use Polyup to build engaging math activities
aligned with standard math curriculum.


Teamwork and Social Impact

By building awesome puzzles and activities and sharing their creations with their peers, children will become stewards of their own learning. This learning strategy has been proven to increase motivation and retention.

Computer Science / Robotics / AI

For the 21st century, these skills are critical for the success of our youth. It is up to us parents to take opportunities to teach these modern skills in a fun and engaging way.

Engineering and Entrepreneurship

We believe in the potential of kids and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age. This program will inspire your students to build their own creations and think like an entrepreneur and learning design thinking.


Your children will witness the beauty and power of math through interactive games and simulations. The content provided is aligned with each grade level's Ministry of Education math standards, making it an effective supplement in the face of school closures.

5 Week Program Videos

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Design Thinking
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Engine Chip
Button and Goal Chips
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